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2013 Riesling

Riesling 100%

Great Southern
Western Australia 100%

Alc/V 11.9%, pH 3.0, TA 7.5g/litre

Colour: Pale straw coloured.

Aroma : Tightly wound nose that shows intense citrus characters of lime juice and grapefruit backed by delicate hints of floral notes.

An extremely delicate palate that is fine and long. The lime juice characters dominate the front palate and provide a powerful citrus finish. The natural acidity balanced by the fruit richness is a major feature of this wine.

We take a minimalist approach for the Riesling where quality grapes let the wine make itself.The wine is all about fruit and vineyard expression. Grapes are harvested between 11.5 and 12 degrees and 9-10 g/l. of acid. Hand harvesting is carried out in the early morning to keep the fruit cool and maintain quality and fruit characters. Only free run juice and light pressings are used. Juice is kept cold and allowed to settle naturally,there is no filtration of the juice. The juice is racked off solids once it is bright and clear, allowed to warm to ambient temperature then inoculated with a selected yeast strain. Ferment is maintained at 13-15 degrees and completes slowly over three weeks. This allows for maximum fruit character to be retained. After ferment the wine is stabilised and minimal fining is used, (isinglass) filtration is also kept to a minimum and bottling carried out as soon as possible.

Vines are Irrigated and grown on VSP trellising. The trellis system has a north-south orientation with 3.6 metre row, and 1.5 metre vine spacing. Vines are thinned and the canopy is opened on the morning side to assist in fruit ripening.Hand harvesting usually occurs in March each year.

"A brilliant example of Great Southern Riesling. This is a cracker. Dominant lime zest on the nose with underlying floral and spicy characters. It's finely balanced with a crisp bracing acidity sustaining a very long finish". 95/100
Ray Jordan - The West Australian Wine Guide 2014.